The unique competency of ATGCell is its universal and innovative platform technology, Robust Exogenous Expression in MAmmalian Cells (REEMAC). This platform allows rapid and efficient establishment of high-producing stable mammalian cell lines for many types of proteins, leading to cost-effective production of recombinant proteins for prelinicial and clinical mass protein production, drug discovery and biomedical research. REEMAC has addressed and optimized several key factors that affect the timeline, yield and cost for protein production.

Main applications of the REEMAC platform

Unique features of REEMAC

We offer high-standard custom stable cell line generation services (membrane bound targets such as GPCRs, NRs, ion channels, kinases and other receptors; secteting targets such as monlconal antibodies, cytokines, growth factors and proteases;  and other difficult-to-express or toxic targets) and protein production, all based on our REEMAC platform. We provide free project consultation and evaluation, and small-scale trial. Our quality services have 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with very competitive price, rapid delivery time and flexible working model. There is only nominal prepayment/milestone payment. Regular molecular and cellular services are also provided for your research/discovery convenience.
Our custom formulated ExpressBoost reagents further enhance exogenous expression levels of recombinant proteins in mammalian cells by up to 20 folds in transient or stable transfection events.

A number of enzymes, kits and reagents are available at very competitive prices.

Recombinant proteins (growth factors, cytokines, cell surface receptors, proteases) produced from HEK/CHO cells  are coming soon.