This fully customizable service can be used either for cloning genes, cDNA, PCR products, or for subcloning any plasmid insertion into any vector. ATGCell can work with our proprietary vectors, commercially available vectors or customer vectors. Each vector construction is verified by restriction enzyme digest and double strand sequencing. You provide us with Genbank accession number, cell, tissue, naked plasmid DNA containing your insert, genomic DNA, RNA, RT product, or vector if needed. We will do the rest. You will receive the purified plasmid DNA, a glycerol stock, the DNA sequence of the correct clone, and the results of the restriction enzyme analysis for your plasmid.

Our cloning services include:

Vector construction
We can reengineer a vector to add new selectable markers, epitope tags, cellular localization signals, enhancers, stronger promoter or whatever.

We will clone your insert into a plasmid vector of your choice starting from your own plasmid preparation.

PCR cloning
Using your DNA sequence, we will design and supply primers, do the amplification, purify the PCR product and clone it into the vector of your choice. From simple T/A cloning to more complex cloning into mammalian expression vector using added restriction sites, we can do whatever you need.

RT-PCR cloning
We can start your cloning project from cell, tissue, mRNA and then design primers to amplify your DNA sequence from our RT product.