News and Events

ATGCell Inc. delivered a poster presentation in
BioProcess International 2008 (Anaheim, Sept. 23-26, 2008) and an oral presentation in PepTalk 2009 (San Diego, Jan. 12-16, 2009) on its recent development of the REEMAC platform.

ATGCell Inc. presented its REEMAC platform technology in
Cell Line Development and Engineering meeting organized by IBC Life Sciences (June 23 -25, San Diego).

ATGCell Inc. was recently funded by National Research Council IRAP program and Alberta Ingenuity Fund R&D Associate program.

Experimental Biology 2008, San Diego, April 5-9 and PEGS: Protein Engineering Summit 2008, Boston, April 28-May 2: ATGCell Inc. attended both above conferences. Updates of the REEMAC technology were presented. It attracted numerous attentions from leading biopharma and biotech companies.

Relocation of ATGCell Inc. ATGCell Inc. relocated its laboratory and office into the Alberta Research Council (250 Karl Clark Road, Edmonton) of the Edmonton Research Park. At the new location ATGCell is fully equipped to carry out its R&D activities further optimizing its REEMAC platform technology and the development of other products and technologies.