ATGCell Inc specializes in the development, production and marketing of recombinant proteins and stably expressing mammalian cell lines for life science researchers and pharmaceutical companies, using state-of-the-art expression and purification platform, and stable cell line generation system. Our company also provides high-standard custom services in these and other areas.

ATGCell Recombinant Proteins ...
In contrast to expression systems using lower species, such as bacterium, yeast and insect cells, ATGCell's recombinant protein production from commonly used mammalian (such as HEK and CHO) cell lines ensures the presence of natural protein post-translational modifications, such as glycosylation, phosphorylation and acetylation, which are critical for proper folding, stability, functional activity and antigenicity of expressed proteins. Our company covers a wide spectrum of recombinant ligands, receptors, cell surface antigens, proteases, protein kinases and transcription factors in response to an increasing market need for research reagent products that have human or mammalian characteristics.There are several advantages associated with our products: fully functional proteins expressed in HEK and/or CHO host cells, high purity, tag-free option and much lower price compared current market counterpart, etc.

ATGCell Stable Cell Lines ...
Our rapid stable cell line generation system, which is based on custom-designed vectors and stable transfection of mammalian cells, provides a cost-effective option for cellular function assays, trafficking, protein production, target validation, and other research purposes. We can allow different expression levels of a single gene as well as simultaneous expression of 2-3 different genes in a particular cell line based on our client's demand. We can also integrate epitope tags(s), and/or cellular signal peptide(s) at different position(s) of the gene of your interest. Furthermore, this system timely responds to needs of individual research laboratories and is particularly well suited for those who are interested in high-throughput expression of large numbers of genes.
ATGCell's team of research scientists, whose skills span molecular biology, protein chemistry, cell biology, cell physiology, immunology and engineering, are continually developing new products.

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On the other hand, we are committed to improving and expanding our product lines and technologies to meet the growing demands of biomedical research. We strive to deliver the best quality products in the industry. We encourage you to contact us with your comments, suggestions, and ideas so that we can better serve you. We also warmly welcome collaborators to partner with us for long-term mutual benefits.