ExpressBoost Reagents

Fig. 1. Expression enhancement by ExpressBoost (EB) T1 and S1 reagents. Left panels, specified host cells were transiently transfected with human epithelial sodium channel alpha subunit (ENaC-a), EB-T1 (+) or none (-) was added to cells 12 hours post-transfection, and then fixed for staining or lysed for Western blotting 48 hours after the addition (left), or specified host cells stably expressing ENaC-a, EB-S1 (+) or none (-) was added to cells, and then did the same experiments 36 hours after the addition (right). Middle panels, CHO-K1 transiently expressed LacZ or a monoclonal mouse antibody, different concentration of EB-T1 and/or different incubation time were tested; Right panels, CHO-K1 stably expressed a monoclonal mouse antibody in adherent or suspension culture condition , different concentration of EB-S1 and/or different incubation time were tested.