Protein-protein Interaction Identification

The highly qualified and dedicated scientists in ATGCell services division have extensive research experience in protein-protein interactions. We offer its customers expertise, integrated experimental design and implementation, quick turn-around time, and excellent quality assurance in the following areas:

Protein-protein interaction screening

Using yeast two-hybrid system, and/or tandem affinity purification with mass spectrometry technology to screen unknown protein-protein interactions.

Mapping protein-protein interaction sites

Many proteins bind to other proteins through specific domains and motifs within proteins. Specific protein fragments can be used as bait and prey in the yeast two-hybrid system.

Confirming protein-protein interactions

This service can be used to confirm protein-protein interactions identified.

  • Co-immunoprecipitation (Endogenous protein complexing)
  • GST pull-down (In vitro binding assay)
  • Blot overlay (Interactions involved in more than two proteins)
  • ELISA binding (Binding affinity and kinetics)

ATGCell is proud of its success in freeing scientists from tedious experimental routines so they can focus on more important things. All projects will be kept strictly confidential, clients will receive a report (including a Copyright Transfer Agreement) describing the results.

If you are interested in this service please contact us to get a quotation for your project.