The ATGCell’s REEMAC platform provides a rapid and cost-effective solution for stable cell line generation, which can be used for cellular function assays, trafficking, protein production, target validation, and other research purposes. This rapid generation system timely responds to needs of individual research laboratories and is particularly well suited for those who are interested in high-throughput expression of large numbers of genes.

Based on our many years experience on cell line development, ATGCell provides everything necessary for the creation and characterization of stable cell lines expressing your genes of interest. Our cell culture scientists focus on optimizing all parameters specific to your cell lines to efficiently produce stable cell lines according to your requirements.

  • Stable cell line generation completed by skilled cell culture scientists
  • Save time & money
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

The service includes:

  • Subcloning of your target genes into a specialized ATGCell-made vector (optional) or customer-defined vector.
  • Transfection of the plasmid into your cell line of choice.
  • Incubation and cell line recovery/growth.
  • Transfer to resistant media and incubation for selection.
  • Single foci selection/screening.
  • Stable cell line expansion.
  • Cell line and supernatant harvest & processing.
  • Western blotting (with positive & negative controls).
  • Characterization and assay according to your requirements (optional).

REEMAC also possesses the following unique features:

  • Adjustable expression level
  • 2-3 different genes can be simultaneously expressed
  • Different genes can be expressed with different ratio in the same cells
  • Real-time expression monitoring

Price can be as low as $2,500 per target. Expected turn-around time can be as short as 5-6 weeks.

Now, there is no need to spend your valuable time and resources on the time-consuming processes required for stable cell line generation. Contact ATGCell to discuss your stable cell line generation requirements today.